About the Author

My name is Thomas Bulpit, and I am a young professional living alone in Southampton, UK. Or not quite alone, I have a South African flatmate who keeps either going out enough, or going back to apologise…

My story is not unique, but it is mine. From the age of seven my biological mother was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease, which contributed to a number of psychiatric issues. I was a young carer and received an award from HM The Queen on behalf of Winchester Young Carers Group.

Unfortunately this wasn’t enough. Following the collapse of my parent’s marriage, my mother chose a destructive path in life to which I bore witness. Violence, addiction and chaos. The word for this is abuse.

This blog is pure self-indulgence. It is for me to write about how I feel, and to chart and reflect on my own journey as I explore my identity and work out the man I want to be. It is also in testament to the brilliant work of my father, step-mother and so many other friends and family who have helped me along the way.

I often felt alone in my struggle against depression and anxiety. So I have made this blog public so that others may not feel the same way. This is a positive story about facing adversity and, after a fashion, standing victorious against the odds.





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